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“Cut out the pretension, I want my music and lyrics to connect with people on an emotional level. I don’t write to order, so everything has to come from the heart" – Alex Kennedy


For years, Alex worked as a session musician for other artists by laying down guitar track after track for whoever needed it. Since the birth of his daughter in 2018, something ignited inside him, crying out to carve his own path and set an example. To simply follow and be told what to do was not enough for Alex which is why now he pours so much emotion into every word and song he writes.


His debut single, 'Baby Steps' gained some fantastic reviews from various music bloggers and critics with quotes such as, "Baby Steps is a delightful debut single, filled with emotion and vivid imagery that sets Alex Kennedy ahead of the game in the busy singer songwriter field." When performed live, it never fails to elicit good feedback.


He is currently working towards the release of his debut 5 track EP, 'Square One’, which contains an eclectic range of songs transcending blues, pop, jazz and even hard rock - as if John Mayer got into a bar fight with Maroon 5 and Norah Jones broke it up.


From Surrey in the South East of England, Alex has a BA in Music Performance, originally studying contemporary music from composers such and Philip Glass, Steve Reich and John Cage. Although he doesn’t write music in this minimalist style, it illustrates his wide knowledge of different styles of music which shines through in his songwriting. He’s also deeply inspired by the great jazz guitarists of our time such as Grant Green, Pat Metheny and Mike Stern.

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