Alex Kennedy is a British singer-songwriter and musician from Surrey with a big voice and even bigger aspirations.

"I want my music and lyrics to reach out and connect with people on an emotional level, without pretension. I don't write to order so everything has to come from the heart". 

A musician who is hard to put a finger on stylistically, his debut EP, 'Square One', demonstrates his versatility as a songwriter with the acoustic and open tuning 'Words', to the hardedge rocking 'Live For Today'. 

Taking inspirations from musicians like John Mayer, Nick Drake, Norah Jones and Maroon 5 it's hard to put him in a box but that's what makes his music so appealing and interesting.

Playing guitar since the age of 12, Alex comes from a blues, jazz and rock background after studying in his early twenties in Portugal and Devon in the UK. 

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